User Interface GeZA for Android

After starting GeZA a cellular automaton is be displayed. With wiping gestures (look table below) you can initiate additional functions.

wipe gesture
short touch
start/stop animation
bottom up compute and show the next generations
top down
shows the first generations, if it's already the first, then the initial start (only 1 cell of state 1) is used
right to left slowly
shows a new random, symmetric initial generation
right to left fast
shift display to the left (half display size)
left to right slowly
shows a new random, non symmetric initial generation
left to right fast
shift display to the right (half display size)

In addition to the wipe gestures there are more functions choosable in the drop down menu and icons in the title bar.


Depending of the physical display size, there are not displayed all icons in the titlebar, then these functions are choosable via the drop down menue

menu item
zoom in

zoom in for more details.
zoom out

zoom out for better overview.

shows a list of all examples. Touching an icon starts the related automaton.

going to a dialog to change settings in current context.
set colors

changing colors for the different cell states.
calling the manual
set wallpaper
setting the current image for wallpaper.
save file
save the current automaton into GeZA file and /or PNG file.
load file
load exsisting GeZA file for running in the app.
activates the totalistisc mode: more informations under fundamentals Totalistic.
activates the Wolfram mode: more information under Wolfram.
activates the NaSch-Model: more information under NaSch-Model.
activates the TwoSteps-mode: more information under TwoSteps.
activates the Zhabotinsky-mode: more information under Zhabotinsky.
Block CA
activates the Block CA-mode: more information under Block CA.

overview manual